Warlocks Home Brew

XVI: The Hazzards Of City Living

The Cloven Hoof tavern was filled with more than it’s usual share of minstrels, exotic dancers, wharf workers and men preparing to travel to Morganville to help rebuild the town after it’s destruction by the Dragon Medora and Sir Fumark the Foul! And it was here, in this favored tavern, where we found our foolhardy adventures.

Skwanky, celebrating how good it is to be alive, was on his third meal of the evening. Wolfheir was looking for a curvy companion to share the evening with. Tibag was, as usual, outside sitting atop his tree.

The rest of the party spent the night drinking and carousing which would lead to many-a trouble ahead!

Slick Vinny noticed a scholarly gentleman walking across the tavern. This man glanced at Vinny and gave him a secret sign with his hands. Vinny, glanced away embarrassed recalling but not remembering his interactions with the Crafty Mage Society.

Geedleesmote the dwarf observed two rough looking men keeping an eye on him. Thinking that these ruffians might be part of the Brotherhood of the Black Hand he planned to set a trap for them.

About this time, Gnarly along with Slick Vinny and Adara left the Cloven Hoof, quite intoxicated and on the quest for more!

Geedlee, acting more tipsy that he really was, left the tavern and walked down an alleyway. He is followed by the two ruffians who were joined by a third. As they slowly approached the dwarf a sound from behind them attracted their attention. It was Tibag who charged the thugs. The dwarf too, rushed forward and droped his axe into the back of his would be assailant. The thug, caught by surprise turned around with the axe stuck in his back ripping it out of the hands of the dwarf. He then lunged with his sword sinking it deep into the dwarf’s flesh! Meanwhile Tibag dispatched one victim and decapitated the other. The head flew through the air and as Geedleesmote tried to tackle his attacker he triped on the rolling head and tumbled to the ground. The Thug raised his sword for a death blow but Tibag ran him through.

Geedlee marked the bodies with a custom stone hammer embossed with a hand which left an impression on the bodies. Tibag and the Dwarf then proceed to quietly dispose of the bodies along the wharf.

The next morning as the companions regrouped in the Cloven Hoof common room with Skwanky, who was already on is second breakfast, they found that three of their company had not returned from the night before! As they proceeded to seek them out, stumbling through the door were Slick Vinny and Gnarly, stripped of all of their possessions and most of their clothing, quite bloodied and beat-up. Obviously beaten and robbed, the two have no memory of what transpired the night before. The last they remembered was getting separated from Adara and ending up at The Green Dragon Inn across town.

They all begin to retrace the steps of their companions when they ran into Adara looking no worse for wear. She was as drunk as her two companions if not more so before they had separated. Adara vaguely remembered being so painfully intoxicated and sick (and quite possibly in some uncompromising position) that she had prayed to the gods and offered to do anything they asked of her if they could get her through this moment of over-indulgence. Apparently, someone was listening…

So heading over to The Green Dragon Inn, the party attempted to retrace the steps of their two companions and try to recover their stolen items. But after questioning the bar-keep who laughed them out of the tavern (Skwanky picked up some breakfast to go) they had no clues to follow.

Not discouraged, they continued their search and stopped at the Rolled Scroll seeking Vinny’s stolen magic parchments. Again a dead end. The shop-keep directed them to the west district of town where they may be able to find some more illicit wares.

Heading over to the west district the party found a wild street bizarre with vendors selling all manner of junk, oddities, and pleasures though perhaps a bit wicked. They fanned out seeking shops and sellers that may perhaps be reselling their stolen items. Wolfheir questioned a harlot on the street but she didn’t offer up any information unless the Viking ‘payed’ for it. So upstairs he went to take one for the team!

Slick Vinny found a shop that sold magic scrolls and other ‘magical’ curiosities, but alas, his stolen parchments were not available. He asks the shop-keep, Varino if he can dig up couple of Magic Missile scrolls. He says he’ll see what he can do and to come back later that afternoon.

Gnarly discovered a shop selling exotic incense. Asking Sean the proprietor if he has some Yellow Lotus (a former item of the natural living Druid), Sean says no but he has some Purple Lotus for sale. Gnarly decided to check back with him later to see if he can procure some of the Yellow powder.

Wolf came down with the name of the man that may sell magic items and that name was Varino, the same person whom Vinny has already chatted with.

As they wait for the afternoon to roll around, the party meandered around the bizarre. Adara almost had her purse snatched but the culprit had disappeared into the crowd. Tibag thought about lifting some merchandise but decided against it.

Later, Vinny returned to Varino’s shop and lo, Varino was able to obtain one other scroll of Magic Missile. Looking at the scroll, Vinny found that it was indeed his handwriting. Vinny cast an enchantment on Varino who ended up offering Vinny the scrolls at no cost and even the name of his ‘supplier’, Nails.

Gnarly returned to Sean who had no luck obtaining his Yellow Lotus but again offered his Purple Lotus.

So the party sought this one-eyed Nails and found him hanging out in an alley with a number of tough-guys. Slick Vinny called Nails over who sent one of his henchmen in his place who basically told the mage to Piss Off! But Vinny persisted and eventually Nails and another henchman came over.

Vinny offered Nails some magic items that he inherited from his ‘uncle’ and that if he wanted it to accompany Vinny to this particular house. Nails laughed at that and walked back down the alley leaving the two henchmen to stare down Vinny. It was here that Vinny tried to cast his last enchantment on Nails but the Henchmen, saw what he was up to, clocked the mage in the face who went down unconscious. As the thug attempted to pilfer any remaining items from Vinny, Skwanky, Gnarly, Wolfheir and Tibag charged the men who immediately took off down the alley with Nails and the other bruisers. Adara followed with her bow while Geedleee tended to Vinny, picked him up and slowly followed along.

Nails and the Thugs tryed to loose their pursuers but to no avail. Eventually they lead the party into a dead end and a battle ensued with crossbow snipers on the roof-top. Wolf and Tibag made quick work of the bruisers but Gnarly is wounded badly in the melee and retreated from the courtyard. Tibag tried to climb one of the walls to get to two of the cross-bow men but slipped and fell. Adara fired with her bow killing one of the marksmen who fell off the roof into the courtyard dead. Wolfheir and Skwanky closing in on Nail kills him just as Tibag made it to the rooftop as the two remaining marksmen retreated through a trap door in the roof.

Searching Nails they found a ring, some coins, a gold neckless and an iron key. The key did not open up any of the doors in the courtyard, however. Searching the bodies it is confirmed that they all were members of the Brotherhood of the Blackhand.

Geedlee marked the bodies with a custom stone hammer embossed with a hand.

The party rushed out of the district….

The beaten and bloody companions return to the Cloven Hoof….

XV: Frog Legs And Mushrooms

Continuing their exploration of the second level beneath the tower of Zenopus, our party came to a narrow natural stone bridge crossing a open chasm in the earth. Being the ever cautious lot (or just suspicious of their DM), they carefully crossed the bridge one by one with rope tied about their waists while Tibag climbed down to chasm to see what was below. Only finding flowing water the thief climbed back up, crossed the bridged and rejoined his companions.

Proceeding through the caves they found an open cavern lined with a phosphorous lichen along the walls and filled with a forest of mushrooms. As they traversed the forest they were attacked by three Mushroom-men! A quick thinking Gnarly Blunderbrush pulled out a potion of Plant Control (recovered in a previous adventure) and brought two of the Mushroom-men under his control. He ordered those two to slay the third which they did. But upon dying, the Mushroom-man sprouted spores which quickly grew into six additional Mushroom-men which Gnarly also brought under his control. The Druid now controlled an eight Mushroom-man army!

Skwanky, not missing any opportunity for a thrilling ride climbed atop the cap of the largest Mushroom-man and rode him through the rest of the caves!

Pressing on they discovered a number of twisting and crossing natural caves and eventually came upon a natural set of steps leading down into a large cavern. Inside the cavern was a large pool of water along the southern wall. Entering the cavern, the party noticed pairs of eyes popping the surface of the black water. Gnarly lined up his Mushroom-men in the front rank. A long tongue burst from the surface of the water and pulled a smaller Mushroom-man into the gapping mouth of a Giant Frog as the other five frogs leaped to attack. Tibag drew his sword (that he looted from the dead Pirate captain waaaay back in session 3) and to his amazement noticed that it was dimly glowing. With this sword he quickly began hacking through the aquatic creatures. Skwanky, atop his fighting Mushroom hacked at the giant frogs as well.

In the end, the frogs were killed with a couple of Mushroom casualties.

Suspicious that there were no additional exits in the room, Geedleesmote decided to have a peek under the surface of the water. Lo’ he discovered two cave openings. Returning to the surface, the dwarf and Wolfheir remove their armor, tied ropes about their waists so that the others can quickly pull them out of the underwater caves if need be and proceeded to swim through the first underwater cave.

The cave lead to another cavern and, quietly breaching the surface, Wolfheir (effectively blind in the dark) heard clicking and guttural noises. The dwarf was able to see a number of Crotch-Goblins drinking from the edge of the water. They also saw natural stone steps leading out of the cave. The two adventurers quietly submerged again and swam to the main cavern and headed towards the second underwater cave.

Swimming through this one, they found a smaller cavern. The water was deeper here and Geedlee was able to make out two pairs of eyes starring at them from the depths. Inside the cave the dwarf discovered a small outcropping of rock with a stone statue of some devilish aquatic god, similar to the one discovered earlier in their explorations, with jeweled eyes and a pile of treasure at it’s base.

The two headed back to work out a plan to retrieve tall the treasure with the others.

Wolfheir had a fishing net so it was decided to sack all the treasure, place it in the net and then pull it throughout the cave. Gnarly, Geedlee and Tibag would be the the ones to swim back to the statue while Wolf and the rest would pull the net through. And that is what they did.

The druid, the dwarf and the thief swam back throughout the tunnel and filled the sacks with coin and gems. They placed the sacks in the fishing net and the net was pulled back with Gnarly following.

Tibag and Geedleesmote stayed behind and removed the jeweled eyes from the statue with no ill affects (saves were made!). While the dwarf set about to topple the statue, Tibag stepped into the water to swim back to his companions but saw two Giant Frogs swimming through the tunnel in pursuit of Gnarly and the treasure.

The party , with Wolf pulling the treasure out of the water and Gnarly close behind saw the familiar eyes break the surface and the two giant frogs close in. Slick Vinny pulls out his wand of flesh to stone and enchanted one of the frogs which sunk beneath the surface. The other frog is defeated as disappointed Tibag broke the surface of the water with sword in hand.

With the dwarf finally back with the party they decided that it was time to leave the caves. On the way they killed the six Crotch-Goblins, picked up the dwarf’s treasure cart and headed back to the surface…

XIV: Further Beneath The Tower Of Zenopus

This day found our party debating if they should begin Father Halford’s quest (session XIII) or return to the Tower of Zenopus. It was decided that the Priest of Mithra’s request can wait another day and the tunnels beneath the tower won, especially after talking with the old blind man Onyx (yes, I finally remembered his name!). Onyx, if you recall, was the previous inhabitant of the old Tower (session I) until his Stygian pupil, Zenopus, betrayed and blinded him, stole his magic and claimed the tower for herself.

So our brave adventurers once again delved beneath the ruined tower.

Retracing their steps to the room where the Giant Spider had killed Slick Vinny (also session XIII) (after which, Father Halford brought him back to life) they found a strange door, different from the others and made of iron. Tibag the Cutpurse made quick work of the locks on the door and opened it. Beyond was a large vaulted chamber with a large blasphemous toad-like statue with jeweled eyes and holding a bowl sitting on a pedestal. Not to miss an opportunity for a thrilling ride, Skwanky Furrytoe, the halfling charges up to the statue and leaps into the bowl as the others cautiously enter the temple. Upon landing in the bowl, the arms of the statue lower and the mouth opens revealing an object within. While the others keep their distance and stand guard, Tibag climbs the statue and finds an odd Mace studded with rotted human teeth in the jaw of the idol. After pilfering the jeweled eyes, Tibag rejoins his companions and they continue their exploration of the tunnels.

Tying up loose ends to their map, the party comes across the large cavern where they had captured Srgt. Morak and where their former companion Arvin Armore fell (session V). They also notice that the dead pirate bodies that were left along the shore of the underground body of water had been dragged beneath the surf.

Continuing through the cavern they come across a cave opening leading to a smaller cavern with a shallow river running through it. As Geedleesmote the dwarf enters the chamber, a Giant Crab rises from the sand and attacks the party who makes quick work of it with a flask of oil and a torch tossed by Gnarly and Wolfheir. Crab legs for everyone!

Continuing their exploration they find a large man-made chamber, empty save for a sundial and a large mask attached to the wall. Below the mask was an inscription which read: “I’ll answer a question, one, no more. I cannot speak ‘til it be four”. After some thought, Tibag triggers the mask to speak by holding his torch to the sundial and casting the shadow on the number IV. The Mask speaks and will answer one question from the party. After much debate it was decided to ask how best to slay Zenopus (assuming that she is alive). The mask replies that Zenopus can only be destroyed by the light of the sun or a wooden stake through the heart. Ahh! So Zenopus has become a vampire!

Deeper into the tunnels they find a chamber with a trap door and stairs leading down to a deeper level. Descending these they find natural tunnels that they follow, thinking that they are nearing the resting place of Zenopus. After some twists and turns they find a large cavern overgrown with mushrooms and phosphorous fungi with a rift in the center. Tibag descends down a rope only to find a channel of running water.

More explorations take them into a small cave where they are attacked by Cave Eels.

Finally they find another cave off a narrow tunnel with the remains of gnawed human bones and a trail of old dried blood.

XIII: Oddities In Caladan

Our weary and stinkin’ party returned to Caladan after their encounter with the Rat-God worshipper deep in the rat tunnels beneath the Tower of Zenopus. On the way they picked up a bleary eyed Gnarly having spent some time “Communing with Nature”.

Returning to the Cloven Hoof, most of the party got cleaned up and attempted to recover from their wounds. Geedlesmote headed down to the wharf to wash off and Slick Vinny decided it’s a good time to tie one on and began to whoop it up in the tavern.

Geedlesmote the dwarf, while washing off in the surf was approached by four roughs each with a matching black hand tattooed on their shoulders. They came to collect on the dwarf’s gambling debt which, of course, he did not have. After smarting off to the thugs they preceded to beat him into unconsciousness with clubs.

The dwarf regained his wits and came to in some basement room with the four thugs and their leader – all members of the Brotherhood of the Black Hand. They wanted their gold and to know of the whereabouts of their cousin Mor who, if you recall, was charmed by Slick Vinny after they came looking for payment of the dwarf’s debt the first time and then whom later died in the Tomb of the Iron God.

The exchange which went something like this:

Mob interrogator who has had Geedleesmote kidnapped and roughed up: “You owe use 800 gold coins.”

  • Geedleesmote, tied to a chair:* “Do I?”

M: ”...yes.”

G: “I have a drinking problem.

M: ”...

G: “So I don’t always remember things, you see.

M: “Also, there was the matter of one the members of our organization, Mor. He seems to have joined with you and your friends…

G: “Oh, yeah, Mor. Yeah, he was good pals with our mage, Slick Vinny. Vinny and Mor, best buds. Of one mind, y’might say.

M: “But then he went missing, while exploring a dungeon with you.

G: “Yeah, him and a guardsman. Gods, they died horribly. Not much left. Kind of a paste of guts, and blood, and—

M: “Be careful what you say, dwarf. He was my brother-in-law!

G: “Died a hero. Just about to say.

M: “Do you have any of his belongings?

G: “Belongings…

M: “Yes, personal effects? Or perhaps his sword?

G: “Sword…can’t rightly say.

M: ”...

G: “Can I check my cart? Might be on the cart. Or you could ask around the pawnshops. Uh, anyway…”

*thanks to Max for this recap

The dwarf, admitting he had not the coin to pay back the debt, offered up his services. The Brotherhood of the Black Hand took him up on that and in return for a clean slate the dwarf and his companions (for The Brotherhood are quite aware of their exploits) must steal a Crimson Skull from a cult who has taken up refugee in an abandoned temple in Harrowood.

The dwarf was again knocked senseless and dumped back at the wharf.

The next day the party gathered at the Cloven Hoof to head over to the Temple of Mithra and chat with Father Halford but Slick Vinny was missing! Gnarly questioned some of the patrons and after talking with Jack the stable-boy discover that Vinny, in a drunken state, had left the tavern with three members of some odd ‘group’ called the Crafty Mages.

After inquiring around town they discovered that this ‘club’ hung out at a run down tavern on the wharf called the Silver Eel. There they found Vinny passed out, dressed only in a white robe, along with his lackadaisical companions in similar dress.

After rousing the mage (and quite rightfully teasing him quite a bit) they left the tavern. Walking half naked down the street Vinny sought out a well-clothed citizen about his size. Finding one, the mage charmed him and lead him into an alley to exchange clothes. It turned out his new ‘friend’ was an apothecary. Looking for a way to cure his ‘social disease’ Vinny followed Ungar to his shop. There they both are questioned by the shopkeeper’s wife, Penelope. When things get too hot for Vinny trying to explain to the wife why he has on her husbands clothes he decided it best to high-tail it out of there and meet back up with the others at the Temple of Mithra.

Meeting with Father Halford, they discussed the repayment of priest’s services which cured Geedleesmote and Tibag of their diseases acquired in the Tomb of the Iron God. Halford wants the party to recover an ancient artifact held by a death-cult in a ruined temple somewhere within Harrowood. Geedleesmote begun to piece things together that this was the very same artifact that the Brotherhood of the Black Hand asked him to retrieve. Father Halford informed the party that this Crimson Skull of Yam-Gregak may be used by the Death-cult to raise an army of the dead and wanted to get it out of their hands. He doesn’t want the cult to think that the Temple of Mithra would be involved in the theft as that may start a holy war The Temple of Mithra wants to deal with the Cult in their own way and in their own time.

Father Halford healed the party of their wounds and Wolfheir and Vinny asked the priest to supply them with some healing potions for their quest. Halford agrees and asked that they come back at the end of the week when he will have some ready for them.

So with time to kill what would any treasure hungry party do? Return to the Ruins of Zenopus of course!

So once again, descending into the Underworld, the party retraced their steps to the Sarcophagi of the Ancients where Geedleesmote then captured the Dancing Dagger in small cage.

The party leaft through the southern door, avoiding the accursed rat tunnels, and came across a four-way intersection. Coming from the east they heard clicking noises and then the pattering of bare feet. Out of the darkness came six Crypt Crawlers, known by seasoned adventurers as Crotch-goblins!

Adara and Gnarly took out a few of the advancing creatures before two of them leaped onto the dwarf and start clawing and biting him. The dwarf then tried to smash one of them between himself and the wall which he succeeded in doing shattering it’s bones and killing it. The other fell off due to the impact. Gnarly then attempted to skewer the prone beast with his spear but sliped on the gore and fell to the ground. Geedlee split the crawler with his axe while Adara slayed the remaining creature.

Further down the hall they discovered a short flight of steps leading down and to a door. Going through the door they enter a large pillared chamber with cobwebs in the corners. As they traversed the room a Giant Spider droped from the ceiling landing on Slick Vinny biting him and killing him! The others surrounded it and began hacking away at it while Adara fired arrows into it’s bulbous form. The Giant Spider sunk it’s fangs into the Dwarf injecting it’s poison. Soon the beast lay dead and the Dwarf quickly pulls out the magic tobacco from the mage’s pouch and smoked it to neutralize the poison.

Having had quite enough, they carried Slick Vinny’s body back to town and to the Temple of Mithra and pleaded with Father Halford to help their fallen comrade. Reluctantly, to save his ‘investment’, he agreed and the next day raised the mage from the dead. Vinny is quite thankful of the Priests of Mithra and considered (briefly) joining their church. The party is now indebted to to the Temple of Mithra two-fold!

Session XII: Rats! Rats! Rats!

Our brave though foolish treasure seekers, after having raided the Sarcophagi of the Ancients beneath the Tower of Zenopus, decide to explore the infamous rat tunnels. Geedleesmote the dwarf lead the way having to just barely hunch over while the rest of the party crawled on their hands and knees through those filthy, stench filled burrows. Skwanky the halfling stayed behind and guarded the dwarf’s cart.

Tibag’s skillful mapping saved the party from becoming hopelessly lost in the many twisting and turning passages.

Eventually they began to follow a tunnel that spiraled deeper below ground finding a suspicious and ancient gold coin along the way.

The stench in the tunnels became more and more unbearable as the rat urine and feces thickened. Wolfheir sensed that this may be leading to their doom and warned the rest of the party of a possible trap perhaps prepared for unsuspecting visitors. But the party pressed on despite a nervous Viking and, finding a descending side passage, followed it down where the squeaking noise of rats filled the air. Ahead of them the passage opened into a chamber where dozens of red eyes reflected in the lantern light.

Geedleesmote and Tibag burst into the chamber with the rest of the party following behind. Before them lay a sickening site. A cavern filled with giant rats and standing before a roughly carved statue of a blasphemous rat idol ordering the rats to attack was a sickly Man-Rat!

Wolfheir, Geddleesmote, Tibag started hacking into the hoard of vermin while Adara held fast as the rats bit at her flesh fired arrows into the disgusting man-beast. Slick Vinny, while staying behind in the passage opening, tossed surprisingly accurate darts also at the foul creature.

After a blood-bath the rats lay dead and the Man-Rat after having let out a loud screech also had crumpled to the floor. Tibag and Adara are very near death. Geedleesmote and Tibag pry the jeweled eyes from the idol and with the help of the Viking defile the statue and hammer the head off. But it’s not long before the screeching of rats is heard once again coming from up the passage! With no other way out the party is trapped!

Vinny decides to lay a fire trap at the entrance of the tunnel. An angry debate ensues between the mage and Tibag and the rest of the party over the wisdom of igniting oil in these stench filled crawlways with no way out. Alas, the debate is quickly ended as the hoard of giant rats fill the passage. Vinny lights the oil and the rats savagely pour into the room bursting through the flames and burning to death. The few that get through are hacked down. More rats continue to charge into the room as the flames die down including a monstrous rat!

Another blood-bath ensues and the party comes out victorious once again!

Having enough of the rats and their stinkin’ tunnels the party once again heads for the surface and returns to Caladan.

XI: Troubles In Caladan

Having returned to Brakken after defeating the Eater of the Dead, it was determined that the wounds Tibag and Gedleesmote sustained from the giant tic were infected with disease and it was not within Father Harris’ abilities to cure. It was decided to leave for Caladan that very night. Gathering some cold weather gear they stopped by the gypsy’s shack. She accepts their gift of a pearl neckless for the advice that she gave to them concerning the Tomb of the Iron God. She read their fortunes before they left.

The party safely traveled throughout the snowy night along the Coast Road back to the city of Caladan. They immediately headed towards the Temple of Mithra but upon arriving, they found that the temple is in quite a stir dealing with the refugees from Morganville. Apparently an ancient dragon, Medora had been awakened and battled with Sir Fumark and his band of warriors. Medora was slain but not before the town lay in ruin. Sir Fumark and his men then rode off leaving the the citizens of Morganville in dire need. Rumor has it that he seeks the now unguarded treasure hoard of Medora.

Talking with Father Halford, they learned that to cure the disease would cost 800 gp apiece (a fair price for one’s life) and that the priest of Mithra will attend to them the next day. So what does any good band of adventurers facing death at all turns do? Carouse to all hours of the morning leaving Gedleesmote penniless and Slick Vinny with a Venereal Disease!

So the next day, spending all of Wolfheir’s gold to cure the dwarf and half-elf (dwelf) they were still short on payment to the Temple of Mithra. Father Halford offered, in return for his skills, a task for the party to fulfill their debt to the church. They accepted and agreed to meet with the priest in two days.

After a day of resting the party looked in on Lord Osric who was all wrapped up in the affairs of state with Morganville. The party also learns that Sgt. Morak had escaped from the Merchant Guild’s dungeons by means of an inside accomplice and a lost hidden passage that lead to an underground river and the sea. Our party offered to help track down Morak.

Slick Vinny questioned Sig, a guild guard. Sig shows them around the dungeon and Vinny and Adara looked for clues but find none. It’s possible that Morak has taken up with the pirates once again.

The mage and ranger later met up with the rest of the party at Zenopus’ Tower. Thinking that Morak may have returned to the ruins beneath the tower our party once again descended into the Underworld.

They made their way to a incredibly large chamber that they were too afraid to explore when they first delved beneath the ground. There they found six stone sarcophagi. Opening the first one released a cloud of noxious gas that knocked out Adara and Wolfheir. While the two adventurers lay slumbering, Gedlee and the rest of the party continued to open each of the coffins finding some treasure and an enchanted dagger that darted around sticking the party. In the final sarcophagus, after fighting off annoying rats, they found an enchanted battle axe which was given to Wolfheir in payment of spending all his gold to heal the party.

X: Beware The Eater Of The Dead

*Spoiler Alert: This post contains information not meant for players that may someday play Mythmere Game’s Tomb of the Iron God adventure module. Your DM will know that you are cheating and your character may die a horrible and painful death! You have been warned!

With a full house this session and one new player, we got off to a bit of a slower start. It also seemed that we would be heading into a possible TPK but the players were resourceful and… well, read on….

Preparing to leave the Chalice and Blade and aid Father Harris in his personal quest to rid the the Iron God’s temple ruins of the living dead, our party along with a Stygian Runner named Adara once again climbed the Path of the Dead and entered the Tomb.

They made their way without incident to the main entry chamber for the Catacombs. There they collected the rust colored hoods and the ceremonial axe, incense burner and lantern used to safely enter the catacombs. Realizing that they didn’t have enough hoods to go around, they decided to travel to the other entrance on the other side of the dungeon.

Finally, with everyone wearing the ceremonial hoods, and with each member stating their name for the recorder of the dead, they entered into the catacombs, a rough natural passage filled with a powerful supernatural presence. Coming to three passageways, they chose the left. This passage lead the party to a chamber filled with impenetrable darkness!

Trying everything to shed some light into that room, even filling the ceremonial lantern with oil and lighting it, they failed to push the darkness away. Skwanky charged into the inky blackness anyway.

Tibag, Gnarly and Adara entered the chamber blind and feel along the south wall while Gedlesmote and Wolfhere entered the chamber without a wall to guide them. Slick Vinny and Father Harris felt along the north wall.

Once everyone is in the room, they began to make out quiet footsteps of iron on stone and a gentle yet grating voice spoke out and gave them warning. Now somewhere in Slick Vinny’s memory he pulled out something that the Gypsy had said about not harming the guardian in the darkness. Stating that quite loudly, mostly so Skwanky would not cause any trouble, they left this shapeless voice be.

Tibag’s party felt their way to another opening which lead down a corridor to a closed door which they correctly deduced would open into the main ceremonial chamber. Skwanky felt around on the floor for the source of this mysterious voice and found, what appeared to the halfling to be a textured iron pillar connected to a massive hulking iron mass above. The halfling tired to befriend this ‘thing’ but no response was received.

Meanwhile, Slick Vinny and Father Harris discovered an opening to the north and left the darkness behind and Geedlesmote and Wolfheir sat in the dark and smoked some halfling weed.

Vinny hailed the rest of the party and everyone slowly made their way to the north opening except for the Dwarf and Viking who mistakenly end up at the opening where they entered.

Finally, the entire party back together once again, cautiously entered a chamber where there are three figures standing over an open chest. The figures turn out to be iron statues of the corrupt priests. Geddleesmote, peered into the chest and saw glorious treasure, but was attacked by a giant tick which dropped down from the ceiling and began to suck the dwarf’s blood. The dwarf tried to smash the thing with his fists and a quick thinking Wolfheir burnt the tick off with a torch. Tibag tried to take a swing at it but missed and the tick stuck to the thief’s leg. Adara comes in and finishes the bulbous fiend.

Recovering the treasure, the party proceeded through a narrow opening in the north and into a maze of stalagmites. Now, this entryway had carved writing above warning of the Eater of the Dead. My players have been very good about figuring all the clues and puzzles out in this adventure with the exception of this one very important clue. They felt that since they were part of the living they had nothing to fear from this Eater of the Dead who was probably not a threat anyway. But upon entering, they freed this demon from the curse of the Iron God.

They found the Eater of the Dead as a horrific 8 foot tall statue encased in stone all fangs and teeth. After finding nothing of value in the room they left but as they stood again at the entrance to the Room of Eternal Darkness they discovered that this ‘statue’ was following them, grinning horrifically and just watching the party.

Slick Vinny lets loose a magic missile to no avail. Arrows too were useless. They felt their way back through the dark room thinking that the Darkness would keep the demon at bay. But leaving the chamber, they heard a great battle taking place from within the darkness. A rending of stone and iron!

Thinking the beast destroyed, they continued to explore, when suddenly, the Eater of the Dead is behind them once again. Tibag, having enough of this creature, stepped towards it. The beast did nothing but grin at the Half-elf. Then Slick Vinny had an idea and pulled out a scroll that he had picked up in Zenopus’ Tower, a spell that will turn stone to flesh! The wizard casts the spell and the Eater of the Dead was made flesh, though wounded from it’s battle with the Guardian of the Darkness! Tibag sliced into it’s flesh with his magic sword but then the Demon picked Tibag up and took a bite out of him. He tossed the rigid form of the the Thief aside and lunged at the rest of the party. But our brave adventures sliced this foul demon into pieces. The Eater of the Dead had been vanquished!

Skwanky, concerned about his ‘friend’ the guardian, rushed into the darkness once again to see if it was alright and finds nothing but a lump of twisted iron.

Slick Vinny, using a tobacco that they had purchased in Caladan to alleviate the affects of poison, shotgunned it into the paralyzed Tibag’s mouth but to no affect. Father Harris said that his powers will not help the thief and in fact, the wounds caused by the Giant Tic to the dwarf and Tibag look pretty nasty and can’t be healed by his prayers.

With that, the party decided to leave the tomb and head back to Brakken.

IX: Loose Ends

After defeating the goblins that had taken up residence in the Ruins of the Tomb of the Iron God, the party explored the goblin lair only to find that there were no other goblins around. Considering that Grik-Grik had said that their numbers were at least twice what the party encountered, it was strange indeed. Still, that didn’t stop our fellow adventures from looting the lair, mostly consisting of grave trinkets stolen from the catacombs.

Leaving the former goblin lair, they entered a vary large chamber. There was an iron offering bowl filled with silver coins, some ceremonial items on an alter and a door with carved writing above it warning against entering the catacombs. The party had found a total of 3 entrances to the catacombs. It was decided to leave the catacombs for now as well as the silver coins.

More exploration turned up a prison with a lone, dead priest in the sole cell. Also found was one of the goblins that escaped the battle. Chief Grik-Grik took the scared and defeated goblin under his care.

The barracks of the priests were discovered and a search of the beds turned up another clue. A note, apparently intended as a threat for one priest that had doubts about the new direction the others appeared to be moving towards.

Slaying some rats in a storeroom, the party soon opened a door to a once furnished room, the items having been destroyed and strewn about around another iron statue of a priest. Upon entering, this particular iron statue began to flail it’s arms around, attacking the party knocking Tibag across the room. Each attack by the party would result in some damage to the living statue but their weapon would be embedded within the statue and thus lost. It was finally took the lumbering statue keeling over and Tibag, using his enchanted sword taken from the dead pirate captain beneath the Tower of Zenopus, to put the thing out of commission.

Examination of the room turned up a tome bound in human skin which, later examined by the gypsy in town was found to contain a spell to animate the dead.

Upon leaving the room, two other goblins show up, haggered, wounded and scared. They had been part of a larger expedition into the catacombs only to escape with their lives from the infestation of living dead. Chief Grik-Grik takes these last two goblins under his wing and leaves the temple ruins, vowing never to return and to never forget the party.

The party decided to return to Brakken and leave the catacombs for another foray.

Some time is spent in Brakken recovering and carousing leaving the dwarf Gedleesmote with an obscene tattoo on his forehead!

Session VIII: Goblin Trouble

Our party returned to the town of Brakken, with their goblin prisoner Grik-Grik, after their initial foray into the Tomb of the Iron God. As they spend the next couple of days recovering, the weather takes a nasty turn. A sharp blast of cold hovers over Brakken. Many of the townsfolk contribute the extreme cold on the fact that the Iron God has forsaken the town.

In a couple of days, with the party recovered, it is thought best to lay to rest the bodies of Capt. Conik (slain by Sgt. Morak beneath the Tower of Zenopus), Moar, and Tero with a burial at sea.

With the townsfolk worried about the news that Goblins have moved in to the abandoned tomb, it was debated what to do about them. The town Magistrate’s position was to not anger the Iron God any more and to just leave the temple be. Father Harris, on the other hand, felt that letting the Goblins of the Iron Hills gain a foothold near the town would spell trouble for Brakken. Against the Magistrates wishes, it was decided to rid the ruined temple of the Goblin presence with the aid of the captured Grik-Grik.

So the next morning, the party, along with Grik-Grik and Father Harris, made their way up the Path of the Dead once more. They were surprised, however, having met two of the Magistrate’s body-guards, who were asked to accompany the party to the Tomb. Wary of their true motives, the party reluctantly allowed them to come along.

Before long, the party descended the stairs beneath the ruins of the Temple of the Iron God. Following Grik-Grik direction, they headed through the left door.

As they traveled down the passage, Father Harris triggered a trap door and fell into a pit. Wounding his leg pretty badly, the good priest of St. Mellon heals himself before climbing out of the pit.

Once the party made their way to the other side of the now open pit, they explored a side chamber and found a round room with a pool of murky water. After toying with the water for a bit and not finding anything odd, Gnarly filled a water skin thinking the murky water may come in handy.

They continued down the hall and ducked down another side chamber as the buzzing of a couple of Stirges flew by.

They found that they were in a similar chamber except that the pool was empty and there were two iron statues of priests of the Iron God. Also the walls were decorated with inlaid iron in a mesmerizing pattern.

Tibag and Gedleesmote examined the fountain while Gnarly examined the statues. The druid noticed that the statues were incredibly detailed and that their faces held an expression of great horror and pain. Upon further examination, Gnarly noticed that their facial expressions has, however slightly, changed.

Not knowing if these statues were alive, animated or dead, the party tested the iron figures with weapons. Seeing as how nothing happened, Gedleesmote preceded to knock one of them over, the sound of which reverberated throughout the silent halls.

Finding nothing of value in the empty fountain, the party decided to continue forward seeking the goblins. They didn’t’t have far to search as they heard a ruckus and a number of goblin voices in the distance down the hall. They decided to take cover in an alcove and let Tibag sneak forward to see whats-what. Well, the goblins spot him and fired some arrows. Tibag hi-tailed it back down the hall with the goblins in hot pursuit!

As the Rogue passes the alcove, the party lets a couple of goblins pass before they jump out and engage.

Wolfheir, Father Harris defend the hall from the oncoming creatures along with the help of Gnarly in the second rank. Tibag turned to face his pursuers as Gedleesmote and one of the Guards attack them from behind.

Alas, the battle faired poorly for our brave adventurers! (The dice were not rolling in our players favor that evening, much like an earlier expedition). Though Wolfheir and Father Harris were barely heald their own, they were getting sliced up pretty badly. Gnarly even tossed his flask of water from the well only to apparently soak a goblin. Seeing the battle leaning in favor of the Goblins, Grik-Grik leaped on the back of one of the guards who shook him off with ease. Tibag and Gedlee finished off their goblins and the dwarf stayed the hand of the guard who is ready to slay their goblin captive.

It was decided to retreat to a more open area as the hall in front of them filled with goblins and the wounds were piling up. So the party retreated to one of the round chambers. Gnarly lit a flask of oil and as Wolf and Father Harris entered the room with the goblins in hot pursuit, Gnarly tossed the flask. The oil ignites in the center of the oncoming horde killing many of the creatures. A couple of them were close enough to miss the flames but are dispatched by Tibag’s arrows and the Dwarf’s axe.

How quickly the tide has turned! The rest of the goblins began to retreat as Tibag continued to fire beyond the flames killing more of the fleeing creatures. With a burst of confidence, the party chased after the remaining goblins only to come face to face with their goblin chief and his shaman who rallied the few remaining gobos.

Tibag took aim at the shaman with his bow but the shaman proved to be a challenge to kill as he healed his wounds after the arrows struck! Eventually, Tibag took him down. Gedlee and Wolf battled with the remaining goblins while Gnarly killed them with his spear and flung their dead bodies over his shoulder and into the Dwarf’s cart. The last goblin ran in fear down a hallway leaving the Chief who was extremely pissed off, especially at the Dwarf Gedleesmote. The chief vowed to slay the dwarf and the two engaged but the dwarf was quick and cleaved the chief from skull to torso!

Grik-Grik ran up and removed the Chief’s neckless and declared himself chief. With most of the goblins dispatched, Grik-Grik lead the party to the goblins lair. Grik-Grik and the party, thinking that the rest of the Goblins would be there cautiously opened the door only to find the chamber empty. Plenty of evidence of goblins but none present. Just a collected pile of grave trinkets recovered from the tombs.

Session VII Tomb of the Iron God

Gnarly Blunderbrush – Human Aspirant

Gedleessmote Hammersend – Dwarf Warrior

Wolfheir – Viking Nomad from the North

Tibag Backstabber – Half-Elf Footpad

Slick Vinny – Human Medium

Companions Father Harris Priest of St. Mellon, Tero – watchman of Caladan, Moar – Enchanted Thug

Our party of brave souls continued to explore the Tomb of the Iron God. Opening a door they found a dust and grim filled chamber with an angled alcove in the corner. Cautiously entering the room and tapping along the floor for traps, Tibag made his way to the alcove. His tapping, however, revealed a curve of iron inlaid within the stone floor. As Tibag searched the alcove, Gedleesmote explored the room while Gnarly and Wolf cleared away some more of the dust on the floor to reveal a smaller circle of iron in the floor. Thinking that the circles of iron were part of some ritual for the Iron God, they avoided it and went through a secret door that Tibag had found in the alcove.

They entered an octagon shaped room with but a single door along with, to Gedlee’s delight, frayed tapestries on the wall and rugs on the floor. Finding nothing in the room, Tibag listened at the sole door while the dwarf collected the room accents onto his cart.

Hearing nothing and opening the door the party was attacked by a large number of skeletons! Father Harris stepped forward with the symbol of St. Mellon and half the undead fled back into the room from whence they came while the rest battled with the party. Father Harris bashed through quite a few of the fiends while the rest of the party, with their bladed weapons, made do the best they could.

After some of Father Harris’ healing the party decided that the best way to deal with the remaining skeletons was to pick them off at a distance with slings. After a few attempts at this, Father Harris became impatient and attacked these animated bones sending them back to hell, with the help of Wolfheir.

It seemed that the skeletons were huddling in a alcove within the room. Tibag, having much luck this evening, found a handle in the alcove under a rug. Wolfheir turned the handle opening a panel in the wall to reveal yet another room. Inside this room were three iron chests on the far wall.

Examining the chests, Tibag fofund that two were locked and one was not. He opened the one to find treasure inside. As Tibag tried to pick the locks of the other two, Tero came stumbling into the room, looking deathly and pale as three giant centipedes were crawling all over him. He collapsed on the floor as two of the creatures scuttled towards the party. Gedlee and Wolf made quick work of the over-sized insects and quickly finished off the last who had begun to consume the deceased Tero.

Being unable to open the two locked chests, it was decided that they would come back for them another time. Taking what treasure they had found along with Tero’s body, they abandoned the rooms and made their way back to the corridor.

Following the hallway around the perimeter of the rooms they had just explored, they came upon a door that opened into a large empty room with but one other door out. Listening at the door they hear sinister giddy laughter and decide to burst in – which they did- and surprised a handful of goblins torturing a kitten.

Geedlee and Wolf quickly started hacking through the goblins but Gnarly, furious over the torture of the kitten, lit a flask of oil and tossed it at the remaining goblins. Unfortunately, his aim was short and ignited goblin, party and kitten!

As the party put itself out and the remaining goblins died a charred ruin, the opposite door burst open and in rushed another wall of goblins, lead by their husky captain! And it was here that Moar fell. The adventurers hacked and slashed their way through this hoard until their leader finally stepped up and stabbed Tibag in a brutal attack that left the half-elf near death! Wolfheir, in a fit of rage, made quick work of the captain. The last surviving goblin surrendered.

Questioning the prisoner, Grik-Grik, the party learned of living dead roaming the catacombs below where the goblins had looted some trinkets. They also come to find that Grik-Grik came from a larger party of goblins that have claimed these ruins as their own and are holed up somewhere on the opposite side of the temple.

Feeling a bit worn out at this point, the party decided to head back to Brakken with Grik-Grik as their prisoner. On their way out, Tibag fell into a pit. It is here that Grik-Grik pleaded for his freedom and said that he can lead the party back out and to avoid the traps. Gedleesmote told Grik-Grik that he had no choice but to lead them safely out or his corpse would rot down in the ruined tomb.

Grik-Grik alas complied and after disabling another pit trap, lead the party back out the way they had come. The party headed down the Path of the Dead back to the coastal village of Brakken.


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