This is a Swords & Wizardry Sandbox Campaign with some Holmes Blue Book thrown in plus some additional house rules…

The campaign is centered around the Eastern area of a relatively lively continent known simply as The Land, or The Realm by those who reside there. The most obvious feature of The Land are the eastern coastal kingdoms including the Kingdom of Avery, the Brythium Empire residing in the Desert of Thak’Azul and the Wilderlands of Eir’ian. To the west are the steppes and rugged plains of the lands of Turrusk and Kahati. To the east, is the Great Sea of the Blue Rose dotted with it’s mysterious eerie isles.

EIR’IAN: This land is situated between the southern Brythium Empire and the Kingdom of Avery and has been fought over by both lands for centuries. As Eir’ian has changed hands many times, influences of both kingdoms can be seen in the culture and customs of it’s citizens and in the architecture of it’s cities and ruins. The land is now independent and wild under influence of no one ruler or law.

The coastal city of Caladan is a main trading point of the eastern lands. River boats from the western towns and cities of Eir’ian and ships from the Northern Kingdom of Avery and the southern Brythium Empire carry exotic wares, both admissible and illicit through it’s dusty walls. Stories and rumors of ancient ruins and alluring lands flow like intoxicating wine and ale through the taverns and inns of Caladan peeking the curiosity of keen treasure adventurers and zealous knowledge seekers. And what of that mysterious ruined tower just south of town?

Next session is Monday February 22

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