Tero the Guardsman

Tero, the guardsman who Max played in the first session of 2010 while Vinny was studying to become a less horrible wizard.


Tero is a straightlaced man of the law, whose intentions are always honorable and whose conduct is always brave. The distance between Tero’s moral code and general good sense and the behavior of the main party was the source of some friction and much humor.

Tero believed that Captain Connacht was innocent of any wrongdoing in connection with his disappearance and that of the Lord’s daughter, and harbored suspicions about the conduct of Morak. These suspicions proved correct, and Tero was present with the main party for the capture of Morak and the unfortunate death of Connacht. Tero was in fact the architect of the plan by which the party approached Morak’s superior force in the sea-caves (the plan was terrible, incidentally, and resulted in the death of Arvin).

Though not overfond of halflings, elves, dwarves and other such rabble, he will keep his opinions to himself unless provoked.


Tero the Guardsman

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