Warlocks Home Brew

IX: Loose Ends

After defeating the goblins that had taken up residence in the Ruins of the Tomb of the Iron God, the party explored the goblin lair only to find that there were no other goblins around. Considering that Grik-Grik had said that their numbers were at least twice what the party encountered, it was strange indeed. Still, that didn’t stop our fellow adventures from looting the lair, mostly consisting of grave trinkets stolen from the catacombs.

Leaving the former goblin lair, they entered a vary large chamber. There was an iron offering bowl filled with silver coins, some ceremonial items on an alter and a door with carved writing above it warning against entering the catacombs. The party had found a total of 3 entrances to the catacombs. It was decided to leave the catacombs for now as well as the silver coins.

More exploration turned up a prison with a lone, dead priest in the sole cell. Also found was one of the goblins that escaped the battle. Chief Grik-Grik took the scared and defeated goblin under his care.

The barracks of the priests were discovered and a search of the beds turned up another clue. A note, apparently intended as a threat for one priest that had doubts about the new direction the others appeared to be moving towards.

Slaying some rats in a storeroom, the party soon opened a door to a once furnished room, the items having been destroyed and strewn about around another iron statue of a priest. Upon entering, this particular iron statue began to flail it’s arms around, attacking the party knocking Tibag across the room. Each attack by the party would result in some damage to the living statue but their weapon would be embedded within the statue and thus lost. It was finally took the lumbering statue keeling over and Tibag, using his enchanted sword taken from the dead pirate captain beneath the Tower of Zenopus, to put the thing out of commission.

Examination of the room turned up a tome bound in human skin which, later examined by the gypsy in town was found to contain a spell to animate the dead.

Upon leaving the room, two other goblins show up, haggered, wounded and scared. They had been part of a larger expedition into the catacombs only to escape with their lives from the infestation of living dead. Chief Grik-Grik takes these last two goblins under his wing and leaves the temple ruins, vowing never to return and to never forget the party.

The party decided to return to Brakken and leave the catacombs for another foray.

Some time is spent in Brakken recovering and carousing leaving the dwarf Gedleesmote with an obscene tattoo on his forehead!



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